Four Fun Foot Exercises


The bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons in your feet all work together harmoniously to keep you moving throughout your day. Show them some love by trying out some brand new foot-centric exercises! Regularly exercising and stretching out your feet and ankles is a great way to stay healthy and to lessen the chance that they’ll get injured.

Give these four fun foot exercises a try today to keep your feet and ankles healthy!

1.       Raise, point, and curl: From a seated position, place your feet flat on the floor. Then rise up onto the balls of your feet and hold for ten seconds. Next, rise further up and move onto the tips of your toes. Hold this for five seconds. Then, slowly allow your feet to return back to the flat position. Curl your toes under and hold for five seconds. Repeat. This can help to treat or mitigate pain from plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

2.       Roll a ball under your foot: Starting from a seated position, place a golf ball under your foot. Roll it for several minutes putting pressure on the ball as if you’re massaging your foot. For more pressure and a deeper massage, stand up. Repeat with each foot. This exercise can help to stop foot cramps and relieve arch pain.

3.       Take a walk on the beach: Walking on sand barefoot is a great resistance exercise for strengthening your feet and ankles and can improve balance. Always check for glass or sharp objects before walking barefoot on a beach though.

4.       Pick up objects with your toes: From a seated position, attempt to pick up a small object – like a marble – with your toes and drop it into a cup. This can help treat hammertoes and ease any metatarsal pain.

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