Holiday Foot Care


The holidays have arrived as rapidly as ever, and with the inherent zaniness, you can quickly lose sight of something like foot care! You’re on your feet all the time during the holidays: extra shopping, cooking, traveling, and entertaining. Your feet will need to be up to the challenge of all these additional holiday events. We’ve put together some handy tips to make sure you have a comfortable holiday for your feet.

Shop in comfort

Remember to take frequent breaks during holiday shopping – stop in a coffee shop and prop your feet up for a bit, and people watch as you sip on a nice warm hot cocoa if you need!

More shopping tips for your feet:

  • Stick to your favorite comfy shoes with good support and a comfortable sole.

  • If you’re walking in icy areas, wear warm, stable winter boots that will keep you safe and dry.

  • Headed to a holiday party? Skip the heels (or change at the last minute if you must) to avoid bunions and hammertoes.

  • After a long shopping spree, pamper your feet with a warm soak and a moisturizing massage.

Comfy travel tips

Sitting in the car or on a plane for too long can cause swelling, blood clots, and other dangerous or painful issues in your feet and legs. Follow these tips for comfortable holiday travel:

  • Wear a pair of slip-on shoes. They’ll keep you comfortable in your seat and make any airport security checks less of a headache.

  • Limit salt intake to avoid water retention, which causes swelling.

  • Stretch your feet and flex your ankles while in your seat to keep blood flowing.

  • Walk around whenever you’re able to keep blood circulation to your feet.

  • Don’t sit with crossed legs for extended periods.

  • Stay hydrated.

Happy feet mean happy holidays

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