4 Conditions That Can Affect Your Children’s Feet


Here at Maple Springs Foot Center, we often see children with foot and ankle issues that don’t plague adults as often. Based on their growing feet and their lifestyle’s, children are often going to have different issues in their feet and ankles than their parents. Below are four factors that often impact the foot health of your children:

Too much physical activity

Overdoing it with sports can be pretty devastating to growing bones, joints, and muscles. Sever’s Disease – an inflammation of the heel’s growth plate that normally afflicts children 8 to 14 years old – can be directly tied to repetitive sports actions. Feet need rest to prevent these types of injuries.

Inability to express pain

Kids are not always great at letting their parents know when they are hurting. They might not have the words to express it, or might not be able to pinpoint where the pain is coming from. Watch your kids closely for an altered gait or a sudden lack of interest in physical activities.


Personal hygiene is never on the top of any kid’s list! That’s why it’s up to parents to teach them the importance of washing their feet with soap and drying them completely. Caring for your child’s nails too – teaching them not to chew, pick, or pull off toenails – is equally important. Another great lesson is the importance of shoes in public spaces. Maintaining these lessons will help eliminate things like athlete’s foot, fungal nails, and plantar warts.

Outgrowing shoes

It feels like the moment you buy your kids a new pair of shoes they’ve already outgrown them by the time you get home from the store. Shoes that are too tight can squeeze a kid’s toes together and cause things like bunions or ingrown toenails. Always check that their shoes fit properly.

If your child is complaining of foot pain or experiencing any other issues, call us today. Dr. Stuart Snyder here at Maple Springs Foot Center can help assess and treat any foot or ankle issues they might be experiencing. To get in touch, request an appointment online or call our office conveniently located in Gaithersburg, MD at 301-762-3338.