5 Things You Should Know About Podiatry


Sometimes when we talk about podiatry with our patients at Maple Springs Foot Center, we find that people have preconceived notions about what foot doctors do. Sometimes this can stop them from getting the proper treatment, waiting too long to get treatment, or being surprised at recommendations podiatrists make.

We put together these five things we’d love our patients to know before they come in the door:

  1. We deal with things other than just feet – often a foot issue is the result of an ankle or knee problem. Just as often, your foot issue can cause problems for other parts of your body. We deal with your entire lower extremity – from your knees to your toes. The doctor doesn’t look at your feet in isolation.

  2. No problem is so common that you can treat it yourself. We hear people say they didn’t think it was worth a trip, or they didn’t want to bother us over an ingrown toenail. By the time they do come in, the toe is infected and painful! It’s better to get seen sooner rather than later, even for seemingly simple foot issues. Please also never attempt any bathroom procedures!

  3. We’ve seen it all! Don’t put off appointments because you’re embarrassed by your feet’s appearance. Bunions, corns, and fungal toenails are things we treat daily. It’s not your fault that if your feet look “off,” and we’re here to help you get back on track!

  4. Foot odor could be linked to a medical issue. People also don’t want to come to us because their feet smell bad. Foot odor can point to a medical problem called hyperhidrosis, where you have overly active sweat glands. We can help you get through this disorder!

  5. Your feet are early warning systems for many diseases. Diabetes, arthritis, and peripheral artery disease could show their first signs in your feet. That’s why you should never ignore symptoms or unusual changes in your feet, even if they aren’t painful.

Ready to make your appointment now? Dr. Stuart Snyder and Dr. Sara Sharma are here for you and your feet! Here at Maple Springs Foot Center, our staff has extensive experience diagnosing and treating foot or ankle conditions across the board. To get in touch, request an appointment online or call our office serving the Gaithersburg, MD today at 301-762-3338.