Your Food and Your Feet: What’s the Connection?

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When most people think about nutrition and health, diet immediately comes to mind. But diet has many important roles to play in overall health and it can affect various parts of the body, even your feet. Today Dr. Stuart Snyder and Dr. Sara Sharma of Maple Springs Foot Center, LLC are sharing some information regarding the connection between your diet and your feet. 

Diet, Inflammation, and Your Feet: Inflammation is a common cause of foot pain associated with gout, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also strike the plantar fascia, which is a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and causes the powerful heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis

Some common foods are thought to encourage inflammation, such as sugar, the trans fats found in junk foods and baked goods, refined grains, the omega-6 fats that are found in many vegetable oils, and the saturated fat in red meat. 

Diet, Osteoporosis, and Your Feet: Osteoporosis is associated with an elevated risk of fractures, and one of the first signs of it appears as a stress fracture in the foot. Boosting your dietary intake of vitamin D and calcium can reduce the risk of a fracture, as can other lifestyle modifications such as exercising regularly. 

Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and milk are among the best sources of calcium. But keep in mind that saturated fats, which are found in full-fat dairy foods, can increase inflammation. 

Diet, Peripheral Artery Disease, and Your Feet: Two widespread conditions that affect the feet of millions of people are diabetes and peripheral artery disease. These conditions can harm the arteries that deliver blood to your lower extremities. A diet that is low in trans-fat, sodium, and saturated fat - while also rich in vegetables and fruit - can help reduce your risk of peripheral artery disease. 

Diet, Diabetes and Your Feet: Diabetes can cause many types of foot problems, from nerve damage (neuropathy) to skin changes. A healthy diet is one of the keys to controlling blood sugar levels. This includes eating fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, moderate amounts of healthy fats and whole grains, and lean protein. 

Diet, Weight and Your Feet: Because your feet bear the weight of your whole body, it's no surprise that being overweight can cause problems in the feet. Extra body weight escalates your risk for numerous painful conditions. 

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