Is the Battle Against Foot Fungus an Infinite War?


Sometimes tackling foot fungus can make you feel like one of the Avengers. You’ve gathered your army of over-the-counter sprays, creams, ointments, pills, and anything else you can get to fight your own “Infinity War” against the villain: foot fungus. Just as you think you’ve beaten ‘em, they slowly regroup only to come back stronger.

Know your enemy.

Just as Captain America gathers intel on anyone he’s going toe to toe with, it’s important to get to know what you’re up against. The same type of fungus can cause both fungal toenails and athlete’s foot. If you’ve got red itchy rashes surrounding your toes or scaly, dry skin on the bottom of your feet and also discolored, flaky toenails, you could have one infection causing all issues. Fungus often hangs out in moist shoes or in wet, public environments like gym shower floors or public pools. Did you share shoes or go barefoot somewhere? That might be what caused it!

Time to strategize.

Listen, podiatrists may not actually be Avengers, but – just like Tony Stark – Dr. Stuart Snyder here at Maple Springs Foot Center utilizes all the latest technology to treat fungal infections. Here are some of the tools he can deploy to help the battle:

  • Prescription oral antifungal meds
  • Prescription topical antifungal cream

Unfortunately, foot fungus is not a problem that the Hulk can just smash away (can you imagine fungus on those big green feet – yikes!). Luckily, Dr. Snyder is more of a Bruce Banner type and knows that prevention is key. Try these tips to prevent fungus from coming back:

  • Wash and dry your feet daily
  • Wear sandals in communal public areas like pools or showers
  • Bring a change of socks with you and change in the middle of the day
  • Rotate the shoes you wear
  • Don’t share personal foot items like clippers, foot towels, shoes, or socks

Are you ready to suit up and end foot fungus once-and-for-all? Our friendly staff is ready to assemble and help out! To get in touch, request an appointment online or call our office conveniently located in Gaithersburg, MD at 301-762-3338.