Keep Your Feet Safe While You Mow Your Lawn


Mowing your lawn in the summer is a daunting chore! It comes with risks too. The summer sun beats down on you while you sweat away, threatening to burn any exposed skin. You have to keep straight lines all the way through your lawn to appease your pesky Home Owners Association. Or every time you mow, just as you hit your stride, your chatty neighbor comes out to tell you about how her cat (Mr. Whiskers) has a new favorite toy.

There are also safety risks for your feet. We might not be able to help with your neighbor, but here at Maple Springs, we’ve got plenty of solid tips for keeping your feet safe while you mow.

Before you get started:

  • Check the weather. Wet grass can make for a slippery time, which could lead to a foot or ankle injury.
  • Clear the lane. Make sure there are no big branches or lawn furniture (or Mr. Whiskers) nearby that could be hazardous to mow over or have to quickly avoid.
  • Slather on sunblock. A hat and a good SPF are necessary to prevent burn.
  • Check your gear. Eye and ear protection are necessary, as are closed-toed shoes and long pants.

While you mow:

  • Do not put your hands or feet anywhere near the blade of a mower! If there’s a jam, ensure the mower is completely off before clearing with a stick or another long object.
  • Keep children away. Children can be injured near mowers from flying debris or other hazards.
  • Mow across a hill, rather than up it. This prevents the mower from slipping back down.
  • Follow all safety instructions that come with the mower.

After you’re finished:

  • Store the mower and associated equipment away from children’s reach.
  • Let the machine cool off before adding more fuel.
  • Hydrate! Just like mowers, your body needs fuel too. Staying hydrated prevents cramps and other issues that come with low fluids.

If you experience a minor foot or ankle injury while mowing, we’re here to help. Here at Maple Springs Foot Center, our knowledgeable podiatrist, Dr. Stuart Snyder, can help assess and treat any foot or ankle injuries you have sustained. To make an appointment, head to our website or call our conveniently located office in Gaithersburg, MD at 301-762-3338.