Tips for Back-to-School Shoe Shopping

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The beginning of a new school year brings with it two sure things: new shoes and new clothes. Unlike in the past, today’s stores are well stocked with a wide range of shoe types that run the gamut in fit and style. Today Dr. Stuart Snyder and Dr. Sara Sharma of Maple Springs Foot Center, LLC are sharing some information to make your shoe shopping easier.  

Today’s parents have much more to consider when shopping for their children’s back-to-school shoes. To make things easier, follow these helpful guidelines to help minimize foot issues caused by worn out or poorly-fitting or shoes.

Correct fit: A child’s foot can mature up to two sizes in just six months, so you need to take this into account when choosing shoes. This doesn’t mean you should choose shoes that are too big because oversized shoes cause the foot to glide forward and put unnecessary pressure on the toes.  

Ankle and foot surgeons suggest a fit that is about a finger's width from the end of the shoe to the tip of the longest toe. 

Shoes that are too tight can cause corns and calluses, blisters on the back of their heels, or even ingrown nails that can eventually become infected. This infection from ingrown nails can cause redness, fluid to drain from the area, and/or pain. If you observe any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist, who can perform a simple in-office procedure to detach the nail. 

Wear and tear: Shoes lose their ability to absorb shock over time, so examine both old and new shoes for sufficient arch support and cushioning. Podiatrists caution that worn-out shoes raise the risk for Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, and even stress fractures and ankle sprains. 

When you begin to see wear and tear around the edges of the sole, it’s time to replace them. When choosing new shoes, check to be sure that the toe box bends effortlessly and the shoe does not flex in the center of the sole.

Flat Feet: Children who have flat feet need shoes that have a wide toe box, shock absorption, and maximum arch support. A good choice would be oxford, lace-up shoes that have enough depth for an orthotic insert if needed. 

Children need regular checkups and proper footwear to maintain healthy feet. Dr. Stuart Snyder and Dr. Sara Sharma of Maple Springs Foot Center, LLC provide foot care for infants, school-aged children, and adults. To schedule an appointment. Call us today us at (301) 762-3338 or book your appointment online.