5 Post Foot Surgery Strategies To Improve Foot Health


Foot surgery is typically performed to repair foot and toe issues. However, it can also produce some unforeseen side effects. But the good news is that there are things you can do to improve your foot health post-surgery. Today Dr. Stuart Snyder and Dr. Sara Sharma of Maple Springs Foot Center, LLC are sharing their top five tips. 

  1. Wear proper footwear. Your podiatrist will always suggest that you wear proper footwear. Conventional footwear can cause issues to reoccur, so you will need to wear shoes that support your natural foot structure.

  2. Perform weight-bearing activities. Your local podiatrist will probably recommend that you perform weight-bearing activity following your surgery. Walking and running are perfect examples of weight-bearing activities. These activities will reestablish the natural shape of your foot. But keep in mind that it is important for you to wear proper footwear while you are exercising.

  3. Do mobility exercises. In some cases, your podiatrist may recommend mobility exercises. These types of exercises can help build and preserve joint tissue following your surgery. Mobility can be diminished after surgery if the patient remains sedentary for an extended period. Ball-rolling exercises, hammertoe stretches, and big toe stretches are some of the exercises that can provide a boost to your mobility.

  4. Utilize complementary alternative therapies. At times, your foot surgeon may suggest that you take advantage of complementary alternative therapies. Massage therapy, Pilates, yoga, and chiropractic care can all improve your foot health. These options are great for patients who have already passed their initial recovery stage.

  5. Practice proper foot hygiene. It’s important that everyone practices proper foot hygiene. Regularly inspect your feet to look for ingrown toenails, bruises, and cuts. Always wash your feet before going to bed and keep your feet healthy by exposing them to plenty of sunlight and fresh air. 

We always look for conservative means to relieve foot and ankle problems. But in some cases, conservative treatment on its own will not deliver the desired outcome and surgery may be required.  

If you feel you may need foot or ankle surgery, or need more post-surgery tips, contact the offices of Dr. Stuart Snyder and Dr. Sara Sharma of Maple Springs Foot Center, LLC to schedule an appointment. Call us today us at (301) 762-3338 or book your appointment online.